Monday, September 1, 2008

Peachy Keen

Another masterpiece, created just for the new Beverly Hills 90210 (2.0), and I hope that you enjoy sipping on this while watching BH on Tuesday night!

First of all, there are variations and for the lazy people (SJ? Kat?) then you can purchase a good peach nectar/juice. Otherwise, this is how I made it.

Five peaches, skinned and diced (no stone either!). Put them in a saucepan on a low heat with 5 teaspoons of lemon juice. You need to mash them up as much as possibly - over ripe peaches are the best.

Once they are done, you can either push them through a sieve for the nectar, or put them in the blender which makes it more like a puree. Either way, they will both be very thick. I did the blended version and then added 100% pear juice - it takes the sweet edge off, thins it out and doesn't change the color.

The glass was prepared with pie crustini rimmer, but you can use Graham Cracker crumbs, it is exactly the same thing. In the shaker, I added ice, one part Absolut Peach vodka, 1 park peach/pear mixture, 1/2 part triple sec and 1/2 part vanilla liqueur. You don't need the vanilla liqueur, I just like it, but I think you definitely need the triple sec - I cannot emphasize enough how sweet the peach is!

Pour it into the glass, and you have yourselves a Beverly Hills 90210 Peach Pitini!

Variations can be done - like I said, if you don't want to bother with the fresh peaches, find a really good peach juice that is 100%. Or you could just use the peach vodka and a peach liqueur, but I like my martini to taste more of fruit, not alchol. You can also add cream to it too, if you prefer creamier martinis. The options are endless! All I ask is that you enjoy it!


Bitsy said...

Looks and sounds marvelous!!!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Oh my goodness, you have amazing talent with these martinis!!!

Kimmers said...

You are a martini master... and I looove peaches. That looks absolutely delicious.

Insane Mama said...

Ohhhh, those sound good!

sj said...

i can't. believe. you called. us out. again.

dammit we have to get rid of this rep.

i'm going to go skin some peaches. and then, as a snack, i'll peel me some grapes.

Tam said...