Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pear Martini

I made a pear martini today. Grey Goose Pear vodka, Van Gogh Vanilla liqueur and fresh pear nectar. I made that nectar myself! It took f....o....r...e....v....e......r! Okay, well not forever, but I had to heat them up with some vanilla liqueur and a dash of lemon, strain them through the sieve and it is hard bloody work, and then leave it to chill.

Now I think it tastes good, but it is a little on the thick side (no matter how much alcohol I add!) so if anyone has any suggestions as to how to think it out, let me know.

I now need a fabulous name for my pear martini, and not the usual "Perfectly Pear" or "Peartini", something original and fitting for my pear creation. So I am going to secure some fabulous prize and hold a contest for the best name for my pear martini, so start thinking about it now and I will let you know when to get on your marks, get ready, set, go!


Insane Mama said...


TentCamper said...

Molly's Sweet Nectar
Pearfect Martini
Pear Pleasure
Prickly Passion
Passion of the Pear

oh...was I supposed to only do one?

Rockapoodle Martini said...

You are actually supposed to wait until I announce the contest - this was just to let me know if you were interested in having one!!

But I quite like the Passion of the Pear!

~Trish~ said...


Kinda cheesy but funny right??

Toni said...

Molly's Perfect Peartini
Pearlicously Delicious
Pearaliciously Perfect
Pear with me while I get this right
Peary Perfect
Peary delicious
Peary Tasty
~sorry it's early LOL that' all I got! Heres to hoping one of them is the perfect name.

Toni said...

woops LOL i obviously thought we were supposed to list them here too, it's too early and have not yet had my morning coffe/martini (take your pick LOL)

Tam said...

OK will be writing down Pear themed ideas...LOL LOL OK something to take my mind off of all the wild things going in my life! YAY!

Scott said...

I'll have to give this some thought! I'll be back!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Awe shucks, I was hoping there would be a nice laid out recipe. Hmmmmmm.....I guess I could use the canned pear nectar. GASP!

Rockapoodle Martini said...

Nooooooooo! I will email you my recipe but do not use canned anything!!!