Monday, August 11, 2008

Rockapoodle Contest!

So this is the first official martini contest over here at Rockapoodle, and Swank Martini have graciously donated these little babies:

That's right, a set of four clear swerve glasses that look very Swanky indeed!

So, here's the plan!

1. Come up with an original (and not totally inappropriate!) name for our new Pear Martini.
2. Post about it on your blog, linking back to both Swank Martini and Rockapoodle.
3. Leave your entry in the comment section of this post, including a link back to your blog.
4. We will like you even more if you grab our button from the left sidebar and display it either on your blog or on the post!

You MUST do 1 through 3, but 4 is optional!

Contest ends on Saturday August 16 2008 at 4pm (PCT).

Get shaking!!!!


Crazy Momma said...

I can't believe I am the first entry on this....

Came up with some TOTALLY lame ideas but you can see them here:

If I am the only entry does that mean I win? Even if my names are TOTALLY lame????

Rockapoodle Martini said...

If anyone has issues with the sidebars and not viewing them, please let me know!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm all set....I have my post all ready to go....

Live.Love.Eat said...

Alrighty, here is mine. It took me a while but it feels right!

And I did put up your logo pic.

Crazy Momma said...

Must just be me...shocking :) about Pearfectini?

sassy stephanie said...

I seriously *suck* at this. Now drinking the martini..that is my kinda contest!

Smartini said...

Check us out! We are SO Smartini!

♥Anissa♥ said...

Ok I finally came up with a name I did all four steps. I really want those glasses. So please pick me!

Make sure and look at the spelling!

♥Anissa♥ said...

Hey it's me again -- I had to add the end of the name and my husband added one to.

Megan from Smartini said...

Apparently I cruised right over the 'leave your entry in the comments' part of the instructions... Here they are (because I don't want to lose on a technicality!):


Grow A Pear


Van Goes Peary Deaf

Let's Get Pearsonal

Slice Of Pear

Picture Pearfect

The IncomPearable

It's Pearsuasive

Get Pearpendicular

Pearmission To Drink

sj said...

these are so creative!

but molly, i'm happy to say i *did* it -- and didn't even need KAT to post.

check it out: